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02 April 2021

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Ayurveda treatment as pain control

Ayurveda treatment as pain control

Ayurveda sees pain as a symptom of changes that occur in human health. Pain has several causes. Therefore, treatment after analyzing the underlying causes of pain is more effective than taking pain killers for all kinds of pain.

Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic recommends many herbal treatments, dietary modifications, optimal digestion, toxin excretion, constant exercise and daily routines such as Yoga for pain management as part of treatments. For those unfamiliar with Ayurvedic medicine, this effective method adopted by Australian residents to treat health problems differs from regular medical practice in one way or another.

Ayurvedic remedies for pain include herbs, diet, yoga, and meditation. Ayurveda recommends the following Steps to help get rid of chronic pain:

  • Elimination of toxins and impurities: this is achieved by medicated herbalised oil massages, which helps to remove impurities deposited in the bodies and disperse them so that they can circulate more easily and therefore reduce pain.

  • Eating Healthy: Ayurveda recommends a simple and satisfying diet with dietary supplements, as well as an Ayurvedic regimen that helps to restore balance to certain activities that inadvertently lead to chronic pain.

  • Improved digestion: Poorly digested foods create toxins and contaminants that are eventually absorbed, localize in tissues, and affect their function. This leads to severe pain that is treated with proper use of spices, herbs and oils.

  • Dietary Treatments for Joint pain: Ginger and garlic are great for joint pain management. All bitter flavors are good for arthritis. People with joint pain should completely shun all kinds of acidic foods, because they can increase Vata. Constipation can make the pain worse. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid foods that are difficult to digest.

  • Balancing the activity of the nervous system: Vata instability is one of the major causes of pain and is altered by some diet, herbs, cleansing programs, meditation, yoga asanas, and yoga exercises. Extreme thoughts and bodily exertion can make the indications of persistent pain worse. Meditation is an effective treatment that uses physical therapy to help people cope with pain. Meditation is understood as an effective way to treat pain.

  • Way of life and every day activities: One of the major factors in maintaining healthy performance is the daily life that does not upset the natural rhythm of the body. Ayurveda studies and creates a daily program that will improve the balance of your physiology and help your body recover.

  • Exercise: Ayurveda recommends adequate stretching and flexibility exercises because it has a very positive effect on blood circulation, on the functioning of the nervous system and on the healing response, which is why it treats many chronic pains.

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