Ayurvedic Consultation


Ayurvedic Consultation

For over 5,000 years, Ayurveda has been healing people’s mind, body and soul with natural, holistic and traditional treatments that are known to be effective and therapeutic. The human body has amazing self-healing capabilities, with the knowledge to function optimally and bring it back into life’s balance. Only through expert Ayurvedic consultation, you can discover the path through self-healing, rejuvenating your mind and body for improved living and good health.

At Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic, our practitioners follow the mantra of – Listening, Questioning, and Understanding. The science of Ayurveda requires physicians to:

  • Spend time engaging with the patients and understanding their desires and concerns for the present and the future
  • Ask questions to help build shared knowledge

This is the most effective way to get the desired results, prescribing the right Ayurvedic treatments, therapies and herbal supplements that can help achieve your goals towards healthy living.

What Our Ayurvedic Consultation Covers?

We take a comprehensive approach to Ayurvedic consultation that involves the following steps:


Questions (Prashna)

For us, this is the most important stage of the consultation process. It involves understanding the primary problem, symptoms and the rate of progress of the disease. Knowing the personal and medical history of the patient is also important. Based on the information gathered, our Ayurvedic practitioners can develop a suitable physical, psychological, nutrition, and lifestyle plan for the patient.


Observation (Darshan)

At this stage, we will evaluate the patient’s physical, emotional and mental condition through observation. This is called identifying Ayurveda body types. There are numerous key indicators that our experienced Ayurveda physician will observe through your physical appearance, movements and speech. This helps identify the imbalance in the doshas and how it is affecting your overall wellbeing.


Touch (Sparsha)

Palpation or touch is the stage of Ayurvedic consultation where our practitioner will press down different parts of the body (sparshanam), listen to the sounds made by different internal organs (shrvanaa), and tapping or percussion (akotana). We focus on tongue and pulse diagnosis, and other methods such as sound observation through which we can identify functions of the bowel and the stomach.

Through in-depth consultation and understanding, our Ayurvedic physician will determine the right treatment plan, daily routines, and a nutritious Ayurvedic diet for holistic healing and wellbeing.

How does Our Ayurvedic Practitioner decide on the Treatment?

In the science of Ayurveda, effective diagnosis is made both at the patient level and also the disease level. The process combines analysing the disease with a thorough examination of the patient and tailoring the treatment plan based on individual needs.
The human mind and body have the energy and intelligence to automatically restore the balance of the entire system. However, when an imbalance occurs, our Ayurvedic physician will help identify the root cause and then provide a treatment solution that helps strengthen the body’s healthy elements and support the process of self-reparation.
In addition to effective Ayurvedic therapies, our experts will also provide advice on healthy eating, lifestyle changes, and herbal supplements that can help enhance your overall wellness.

Ayurvedic Consultation for a Healthy Body & Rejuvenated Soul

60 minutes - $120

Follow up consultation


Video/phone short consultation


Initial consultation + massage