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Gold Coast
Ayurveda Clinic
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Gold Coast
Ayurveda Clinic
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Ayurveda is a herbal treatment with its historical roots embedded in India. The remedies of the therapy are deeply connected with spirituality, life forces, and universal interconnection. The word Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life” and advocates the body and mind’s healthy being. Ayurvedic treatments are proved to have an approach that is highly efficient over many years.

Improve your health and well-being

Ayurvedic Consultation

Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic provides you with Ayurvedic consultation that profoundly focuses on improving your overall health and well-being with our salubrious treatments. Our extensive range of services treats and prevents your aches, injuries and pains. The customer’s health is our utmost priority, and we ensure to provide them with the top facilities. In the case of chronic pain, we thoroughly evaluate the injury or cause of the problem in order to develop the perfect course of treatment for the patient.


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    Ayurveda Body Types

    The path of Ayurveda treatment is carefully developed according to the body type of the patient. In Sanskrit, it is called dosha, which is significantly important to understand for the healing of the body and your mind’s well-being. The three Ayurveda body types Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each body type has its own unique characteristics depending upon the person’s physical and emotional features. After knowing your dosha, the perfect diet exercise and lifestyle pattern can be designed and practiced. We, at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic, dig into the concept and find out your suitable dosha to prescribe the treatment that results in wellness attainment and spiritual tranquility.

    Knowing your Ayurveda body type doesn’t only help you maintain optimum health but also keeps a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. We understand that a thorough analysis of your body type can enable you to plan a balanced diet and organize your lifestyle accordingly, therefore we concentrate fanatically on getting your life on track.


    People who belong to this class consists of domination of the elements of air and space. A person who belongs to the dosha of vata is generally very mobile, active and energetic. They have an irregular pattern of eating,


    sleeping, and engaging in personal tasks. Their body finds it difficult to gain weight due to fast metabolism, so they have a thin, slim, or bony body structure. Due to vivaciousness, they are very talkative with a speech that is generally very fast. They are quick learners but quick forgetters as well. Their creativity and sensitivity levels are relatively high, are great displayers of emotions, and adaptive to new situations.



    This body type possesses domination of the elements of fire. They are medium built, warm skinned, and reddish complexioned. Prone to balding and pre-mature grey hair are some negatives they have to suffer from.


    They enjoy their high energy level and passion for speaking loudly. Other than this, they are highly ambitious, competitive, knowledgeable and passionately emotional about life. Being an extrovert, they can also be called attention seekers.



    With the domination of the elements of water and earth, people who belong to this class are usually wide at shoulders and hips, and thick wavy hair. They tend to gain weight quickly and have a slow digestion system.


    They obviously are great food lovers but have lethargy, sluggishness, and demotivation embedded in them. They are incredibly loyal and stable and love to stay in surroundings that are familiar to them. They have an element of serenity and tranquility to their nature.


    We understand the characteristics of every dosha to its depth and analyze
    every body type diligently to keep a healthy balance in your life.


    Ayurvedic Treatments

    Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic provide ayurvedic herbs, detox treatments, and massages in a wide variety that reap fruitful benefits.


    The consistent use of herbal supplements can be highly nourishing for the body. They help in weight loss, stress reduction, reducing inflammation, body cleansing and bring out glowing skin. The benefits of these herbs further extend to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and symptoms of diseases.

    Ayurvedic detox treatment is a deep cellular cleansing, which removes all the toxins from the body and fortifies the immune system. Out panchkarma treatment, which is a natural detox, is excellent for detoxifying and rejuvenation. It helps revitalize you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The entire procedure results in you feeling fresh and vibrant than ever before by healing your body from all the pains and inducing the spirit of vitality. Detoxifying is well worth the investment you make for your health.


    A token of our affection from us, to you

    Initial consultation including Abhyanga (Massage)

    Ayurvedic Massage

    Our massages at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic are super therapeutic that stimulate feelings of calmness, contentment, and relaxation. We use herbal oils for the ayurvedic massage that suits your ayurvedic body type. Massages are highly beneficial for blood circulation, reducing tightness and stiffness from the muscles, and reducing stress. Some of the best massages at our ayurvedic clinic at gold coast are:


    Abhyanga is a traditional ayurvedic massage that is brilliant for mental and physical progression and works best for the nervous system.


    Shirodhara is a head treatment  helps your mind gain peace and in the headaches, fatigue, treats insomnia, overthinking, and stress.

    Kati Basti

    Kati Basti is a back treatment with back massage, especially for the lower back pain. Helps in, muscle tightness, arthritis, spasm & sciatica

    Navara Kizhi

    Navara Kizhi is an ayurvedic treatment that helps strengthen the joints, muscles and tissues. Suffering from arthritis, neuromuscular conditions.

    All the massages at our gold coast clinic are carried out by professional and experienced therapists. Our entire focus is centered at the health of our patients. We make sure every visitor experiences the treatment that suits their physical condition, comfort, and preference. Our treatments promote healing that works for every dosha type. Nourishment of the skin, stimulating circulation, relaxation of mind and body, and the removal of impurities are what we diligently and intently work on. Our treatments are ensured to be at the top of their quality and serve the needs of all of our visitors.


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    Doctor, Ashish Kumar

    Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Punjab, India

    Known among his clients as Ash, He is one of the most skilled and experienced Ayurveda doctors in Australia and a specialist in Panchakarma (Ayurveda detox). Ashish Kumar is a skilled Ayurvedic Doctor, with over 14 years of experience in practicing Ayurveda. He is a member of AAA (Australasian Association of Ayurveda) and an accredited Ayurvedic practitioner from India. Ash completed his BAMS from a renowned Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jallandhar. He had the opportunity to interact with many eminent doctors practicing authentic Ayurveda during his studies.

    A strong believer in natural medicine and way of healing, Ashish Kumar has an abundance of experience in managing various ailments and providing optimum health with Ayurvedic approach. He is a competent Panchakarma specialist and experienced in using authentic herbal combination and therapeutic massages for the healing of the root causes of Dosha’s imbalance. Ash’s objective is to promote the ideologies of ancient Ayurveda, helping people recognise its capabilities to cleanse, heal and restore the mind, body and soul.


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      I understand that Ayurveda is an ancient system of alternative medicine, and therapies may include Panchkarma, Shirodhara, Herbal recommendations, Health counselling and Nutritional counselling. I understand that the evaluation and assessment of my body is according to the Ayurvedic perspective and the balance and imbalance of three doshas, the dhatus (tissuse), the srotas (channels), and the mallas (wastes) of the body. The practitioner Dr Ashish Kumar at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic is not a Medical Doctor. The word Doctor used anywhere at this clinic is suggestive of Ayurvedic Doctor recognised in India after completing Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Dr Ashish Kumar is a registered member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda.

      I understand that Ayurvedic treatments does not take place of medical care. The goal of all therapies is to create within your body and mind an optimum environment for healing to take place and to maximize your bodyʼs ability to heal itself. Ayurvedic practitioners do not perform medical treatments and prescribed medications.

      It is recommended that I see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I may have. I have been advised to consult a Medical Doctor if a new symptom should arise. If there is a worsening of my condition or it does not improve, I am aware that I should consult a Medical Doctor. I understand that I am fully responsible for all decisions I make regarding whether and when to seek medical treatment.

      I understand that Ayurvedic treatments are safe for addressing imbalances of the Doshas in the body. Treatment and advise given at Gold Coast Ayurveda clinic are non – invasive. Serious side effects are rare. In rare cases Ayurveda may be associated with adverse reactions in individual cases. If that happens, I am advised to seek medical treatment.

      I understand that Ayurvedic treatments may on occasion cause temporary discomfort including changes in basic temperature, dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue and others. I also understand there is always a possibility of unexpected complication. I understand that no guarantee can be made concerning the result of the therapy. I will not hold Dr Ashish Kumar at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic responsible for any change in my current health status or any loss or injury resulting from the consultation.

      I understand that I may stop or refuse therapy at any time. I wish to proceed with treatments at this clinic at my decision and not seeking this treatment as a result of inducement or promises made by the practitioners at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic.

      I have read the above conditions and had an opportunity to discuss with Dr Ashish Kumar. I wish to proceed freely and voluntarily with such treatment. By signing below, I authorise Dr Ashish Kumar to proceed with the treatment with the full and informed consent on my part for all relevant facts set forth in the consent form. I intend this consent form to cover all consultations, therapies and treatments at Gold Coast Ayurveda Clinic.